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The Menu

A New Culinary Experience


  • GRAPES, BREAD, AND CHEESE. Pure cured sheep’s cheese Añejo de Barros
  • HAM. 100% Iberian 5J PRIVATE SELECTION -100g
  • CUT OF FOIE MICUIT WITH CINNAMON, fragrant and nuances of red fruits
  • SALMOREJO, textures of tomatoes, tofu, vanilla, and caramelized macadamia nuts
  • JUMBO SCARLET PRAWNS, sweet veal and sobrasada foam a
  • GLASS BREAD, monkfish foie gras, cod crumbs, and a mushroom pil-pil sauce
  • MELON TRILOGY infused with lime, cucumber, ham and Sambuca jelly textures
  • MACERATED BLUEFIN TUNA with avocado and lime
  • TRADITIONAL CAVIAR Classic 30g, Chía potatoes, and liquid yolk
  • GRILLED VEGETABLES, kale in tempura, soy and guacamole hummus
  • ALMADRABA TUNA DICE, fried eggs, and truffle
  • SEA ANEMONE, beet laminate, anchovy-parmesan, aioli, and chive vinaigrette
  • BURRATA, basil kernel, Bloody Mary foam, and tender sprouts
  • SEITAN WITH ROASTED AUBERGINES, chanterelles, and vegetable roasting juice
  • CRUDITÉS OF VEGETABLES, seaweed tempura, and leaf-wrapped cheese
  • ROAST-BEEF SALAD, beets, cashews, and a mustard vinaigrette
  • WANTON PASTA stuffed with grilled vegetables and organic goat cheese


  • Classic traditional caviar
  • Classic organic caviar
  • Traditional Excelsius caviar
  • Organic Excelsius caviar

Served with sour cream, blinis and garnish. Pairing with a glass of French champagne or ice cream vodka

  • FRESH CAVIAR that is unpasteurized and 100% Iranian, Imperial Beluga (Huso Huso)
  • FRESH CAVIAR that is unpasteurized and 100% Iranian, Imperial Beluga (Huso Huso), paired with house champagne

From the Sea

  • COD CHEEKS with pil-pil sauce, pig’s trotters, and ponderosa amanita mushrooms
  • FRIED CODFISH, cream of legumes, and Iberian aroma
  • MEAGRE, olive oil hollandaise cream, black garlic, and chamomile
  • HAKE, cream of celery with its main stalks, and tomato with rosemary
  • TURBOT, pea soup, soft layer of grapes, and radish
  • LOBSTER cooked over stone, with a Palo Cortado sherry, pumpkin, and trout caviar

From the Land

  • STEAK TARTAR from Retinto sirloin cooked on the spot
  • WAGYU BEEF, peanut mojo, potato gratin, and vegetable tempura
  • BLONDE GALICIAN BEEF TENDERLOIN, cooked over stone, Canary-style potatoes, tender potato, and Comt cheese
  • TRUFFLE & MUSHROOM RISOTTO with Iberian pork belly and ham flakes
  • Fleckcivh-Simmental SIRLOIN STEAK, onions in a Port wine sauce, “Maître d’hôtel of ceps” butter, and green asparagus
  • LOJA NECK OF LAMB, foie marrow garnished with raisins, pine nuts, and cashews
  • DUCK MAGRET, glazed wings, and hazelnut pil-pil (spicy chili and garlic) sauce