– General Contracting Conditions

Use of the Pre-Reservation and Reservation services of the ABADES TRIANA RESTAURANT.

1.1. Pre-Booking Services

The Pre-Booking services are merely informative and have as their sole and exclusive purpose offering the client the possibility of being informed as early as possible if it is possible to make an individual reservation (less than 15 people) for the day and service requested. For a resolute confirmation, the client will receive an email 15 calendar days before the chosen date, informing them definitively if their reservation has been made or, in the event there is no availability, propose other available times. Therefore, the Pre-Reservation service is not, in any case, a reservation itself, but a reservation request that will be confirmed or not once the email from the Reservation Department of the Abades Triana Restaurant has been received.

1.2. Reservation Services (including online reservations)

a. The reservation services (and online booking) are intended to reserve a service at the Abades Triana Restaurant. The use of these services will suppose the full acceptance of this Reservation Policy. Any special requests (special dishes, diets, table location, etc.) must be informed explicitly and in writing to the Restaurant and will be valid after the definite confirmation of the same by the reservations department of the Restaurant, with the possibility of incurring additional costs.

b. Resolution of the contract or cancellation of the reservation: The cancellation of reservations by the user will not incur early cancellation costs. After this time, and in case a prepayment has been made for specific services (Special Dinners, special-order dishes, birthday cakes, etc.) the Abades Triana Restaurant will charge 100% of those services, that is, it will not proceed to refund the amount already paid.

c. Special requests:

c.1. Location: Abades Triana Restaurant does not guarantee the location of the table at the time of booking. At all times, we will annotate special requests regarding the location of the table of each reservation, without being able to guarantee them at any time.

c.2. Special diets: Abades Triana Restaurant has dishes adapted for special diets such as celiacs and vegetarians. In case of having any allergy or special diet, it is essential that you inform us at the time of booking to inform the Head Chef and the Maître D.
c.3. Special dishes or drinks: in case of requesting a special dish, a prepayment of €25 per person will be required as a guarantee. The reservation department will inform you in such case of the possible payment methods, and that amount that will be deducted from the final invoice on the day of the reservation, by way of prepayment.

d. Cancellation.

The customer can cancel or modify their reservation at any time by contacting the Restaurant directly. In the event the client does not show up without giving notice, we will cancel the reservation after the stipulated margin. The tolerance margin specified for delays in reservations is 15 minutes.

e. The prices displayed at the time of booking (Restaurant Menu) include VAT (or equivalent tax) in accordance with the applicable tax rate at the time of booking. In the event that the tax rate changes between the date of the reservation and the date of the service generating a disparity, according to the law, the VAT or tax rate that will be applied to the final price will be the one that corresponds at the time of the delivery of the services (or the accumulation of the tax), even in cases where this would cause an increase in relation to the final price indicated to the client during the reservation.

f. The Restaurant Abades Triana reserves the right to modify these Terms and/or General Contracting Conditions, informing users of the modifications made through www.abadestriana.com

1.3 The client undertakes to use these services in a manner consistent with the Law, morality, good customs and public order, as well as with the provisions of these Terms and/or General Conditions of contract. Consequently, it is obliged not to use the services, for purposes or effects that are illegal and/or contrary to what is established in these Terms and/or General Conditions of contract, damaging rights and/or interests of third parties or that of any form that may damage the services of the Abades Triana Restaurant and/or its image.

1.4. The Restaurant Abades Triana may, for greater agility and the benefit of the users, unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the services provided or the Operational, technical and conditions of using the services. Similarly, to improve the service and establish an optimum level of quality that is the ultimate goal of the Abades Triana Restaurant, it may suggest those modifications they deem useful, by contacting those responsible for the page through of the email address: trianaonline@abades.com

1.5. External platforms: should the client makes reservations through platforms other than the Abades Triana Restaurant, the confirmation of said reservation will be through said intermediary agent, and the client must adapt to the policies of the latter. Should an inconvenience with any reservation arise, Abades Triana Restaurant will contact the intermediary immediately to inform them, as well as the final customer when possible.  Abades Triana Restaurant cannot guarantee immediate availability through intermediaries and is exempt from any responsibility in the management of reservations and/or erroneous confirmations by the intermediaries.

1.6 Reservations of large tables: In the event the reservation is for more than 6 people, the Restaurant will confirm each reservation by telephone the same day in the morning. Should the restaurant not be able to communicate with the number provided, simply stated, it is essential that the customer confirm said reservation before 1:00 P.M. Otherwise, the restaurant will proceed with the automatic cancellation of the reservation.

For groups, please consult the Group Reservations Policy.